Tera Mera Rishta ( Awarapan - 2007 )


Tera Mera Rishta

( Lyrics )
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Mustafa Zahid

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  Mood/Type : Sad
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why didn't i belive you
why was i away from you
this life was torturing me
you only gave me relief

you and I have an old relationship... (3)

what is this restlessness
why is this punishment
why am i missing you today
uneasy are my days
uneasy are my nights
what should i do please tell me
these feet of mine are themselves my ties
you tell help me to abscond away from them

you and I have an old relationship.... (3)

the soul in me
is telling you
now come at last
and pay your mortgage

my eyes are moist
my breaths are stinging
my wound is getting fresh again
in this heart's wildness
in my delusion
you have always been all-prevading

you and I have an old relationship...(4)

oooooo aaaaaaaa

you and I have an old relationship...

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